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Texas employment laws are among the strongest in the nation supporting business owners and employers. Workers who face harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination may feel as if they have very little recourse against their employer. With each passing year, good lawyers and law firms drop out of employment litigation practice because the deck is stacked against a fair outcome. Those of us who remain in the practice truly believe that workers' rights are worth aggressively fighting to protect.

Psychologists tell us not to tie our identity to our job. But let's be honest: After learning your name, the second thing people ask is what you do for a living. When you lose your job, you lose part of who you are. If you were terminated unfairly, the sense of injustice and loss is overwhelming. Our experience includes winning complex wrongful termination trials against multibillion-dollar international corporations, including Haliburton.

If you are a worker who is suffering harassment, discrimination or other violation of your state or federal workplace rights in North Texas, you can turn to The Law Office of John E. Wall, Jr., for help. We are a team of dedicated Dallas civil litigation attorneys with decades of trial experience in all areas of employment rights.

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Call us if you have experienced, or are currently experiencing, any violation of your civil rights on the job, including:

"Most workers have no idea why they are being fired or are being harassed into quitting. In a day and age when employers no longer offer pensions, losing your job unfairly can be financially devastating for the rest of your life. In Texas, the laws are tilted to protect employers. We help you level the playing field." Attorney John Wall Jr.

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